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Our services range from simple consultations to room designs to major renovations and new home construction. 


Basic Consultations can help you with questions like:  What color should I paint my walls? What size or style sofa would work best in this room?  Where  should I start?  What size rug do I need? What sofa, chair, rug, etc., would you recommend?


Space Planning can be as simple as furniture arrangement in a room, or it can entail a new design for your kitchen, baths, or built-ins.


Selection of products, materials and finishes includes decisions on items like furniture, rugs and window treatments for design projects, as well as things like millwork, bath and kitchen cabinetry, built-ins, fixtures, hardware, flooring, lighting, ceiling and wall treatments, fabrics and accessories for more extensitve renovations and new construction. 


You can be involved in the design process as much or as little as you choose. Some clients want a complete design package for their review and approval. Others prefer to work with me closely  throughout the process, sharing ideas, opinions and resources along the way. The choice is up to you!


Each project begins with a consultation in your home to discuss your needs and how I can best meet them. I'll give you a written proposal outlining the scope of services we've discussed and we will arrive at a mutually acceptable fee arrangement.  We will always agree on fees ahead of time so there are no surprises later.

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